12:28 GMT15 May 2021
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    "Charmed" star Alyssa Milano makes her move on Twitter to protest anti-abortion laws earlier passed by Republican-controlled legislatures. She called on women to "protect your vaginas," surprisingly noting that "men in position are trying to legislate them."

    The American actress called for "not risking pregnancy" until "women have legal control" over their bodies and subsequently proposed that women JOIN her by "not having sex until they regain bodily autonomy."

    This came after the adoption of the "heartbeat" law, which prohibits abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

    Elaborating her campaign in a series of tweets, Milano noted that women "can LOVE sex and fight for our body autonomy", saying that "there are lots of alternatives to cis men."

    She has also announced that she is currently writing an op-ed on her #Sex-Strike campaign, and "can't wait" for her subscribers to read it.

    Some of her followers have apparently shared her feelings, expressing support.

    Others, however, were amazed and confused by the suggestion.

    Some netizens saw the proposal as something to make jokes about.

    Interesting to note — the announcement of the upcoming op-ed piece received hard backlash and numerous commentators refusing to read it.


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