06:25 GMT05 August 2020
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    The naughty video’s popularity soared after Elon Musk himself noticed it and made a joking remark about it on social media, thus alerting a vast army of his fans to this development.

    The Tesla Model X has recently witnessed a sudden increase in popularity on the world’s largest porn website, Pornhub, after a video featuring adult film actress Taylor Jackson and her boyfriend getting intimate in that particular brand of electric SUV while it was driving on autopilot appeared online.

    A still from the video was later shared by Pornhub on Instagram, with a cheeky caption chastising the couple for "not having two hands on the wheel with autopilot enabled".


    The frequency of search queries for “Tesla” was further boosted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, when he shared his thoughts about the vid on Twitter…

    ​…leaving many of his fans amused both by this development and by Elon’s apparent use of a double entendre.

    ​According to Pornhub Insights, their statisticians recorded “over 3 million Tesla related searches since the video was first uploaded” by 10 May.

    Earlier, when Musk toyed, perhaps jokingly, with the idea of developing a “quiet electric leafblower”, Pornhub offered to collaborate on producing a “dual-purpose electric blower” instead.


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