17:19 GMT04 July 2020
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    The epic showdown in Game of Thrones between the living and the dead resulted in a major defeat for the army of White Walkers led by the Night King and has left some big questions unanswered.

    Tough assassin Arya Stark may have fulfilled Melisandre’s prophecy and closed the blue eyes of the Night King in the latest episode, but viewers have cast much doubt on the “forever” part of the red priestess’ prediction: they are convinced that there’s a reason to believe the White Walkers will return.

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    With three episodes left, fans are scrambling for clues on whether the warlord of the dead might still be alive to bring about an eternal night and wipe out mankind altogether.

    Adding more fuel to the speculation of the White Walkers’ potential comeback, the tight-lipped creators of HBO’s hit, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the series’ eighth and final season earlier this week.

    Ahead of Episode 4, which will supposedly show the aftermath of the Long Night battle in Winterfell, the two teased viewers with their flat-out refusal to answer whether the ominous army of the dead will return to Westeros.

    No wonder their discreet response has caused fans to flood social media platforms with a bunch of theories on how events could unravel in the next three episodes of Game of Thrones:

    After The Long Night aired last Sunday, HBO dropped a new teaser for Episode 4, in which the survivors of the Winterfell battle are seen preparing for the “last war” against Cersei in King’s Landing for the Iron Throne.


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