03:47 GMT03 August 2021
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    The assailant was issued a citation for his actions by officers from the local police department, with some members of the social media crowd noting that they understand his motives.

    One of the employees at Domino’s branch in Houston, Texas ended up being pummeled by his angry colleague after apparently spoiling the Avengers: Engame movie for the latter, ABC13 reports.

    According to the media outlet, officers of the Friendswood Police Department arrived at the pizzeria early Sunday, and issued a citation for assault by contact to the perpetrator, a 33-year old man named Justin Surface.

    "That just seems kind of insane to me, that they would do that over a movie. I don't know. Maybe they really wanted to see it. I feel like if they were that into it, they should have preordered tickets", one of the store’s customers remarked.

    Commenting on this development, a number of social media users noted that, while not necessarily approving of Surface’s methods, they understand his reaction.

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