17:11 GMT27 May 2020
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    PewDiePie's name has been all over the internet, largely due to his battle for YouTube's top spot with Indian powerhouse T-Series. However, internet fame appears to have some unsettling consequences offline.

    World-famous YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, perhaps better known by his internet alias PewDiePie, has opened up on the downside of being popular.

    The Swede and fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen were looking through comments on Reddit, where people told their stories of meeting celebrities in regular places and revealed who turned out to be nice or mean to common people.

    PewDiePie acknowledged that he would sometimes give a pushback to fans if their attention was way over the top.

    "More and more, now, when I get recognized, I'd say 'no' if the situation is really bad", he said, recalling how he once had an encounter with a group of fans when he rolled into a McDonald's drive-thru with his fiancé Marzia.

    "We were like, 'We just want to eat, we don't wanna be recognized'", he recounted, "and all these kids come up to us and one of their moms goes like, 'Can I take a photo with my son?'"

    He refused to do so but felt bad about it. "Honestly, I feel like the worst person ever. I just wish they understand we're… just eating or doing something. I don't wanna exit my car to take a photo", he continued.

    The two vloggers concluded that a person might get the wrong impression about a celebrity if they are caught at their "lowest", and that this experience can make its way to social media.

    Pewds has earlier spoken out on the stalking topic, complaining of creepy fans finding his address online and coming to his location. "From my perspective, that's just insane", he said in a 2016 video. "I've even had parents coming over with their kids. I've had people yell outside my house. Just because you found my address doesn't mean you found an invitation to come over. This should be obvious".


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