17:35 GMT10 July 2020
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    Among them, a user named Linden Lonsdale outlined in forensic detail why the meme's characterisation of what is and isn’t "natural" wasn't correct.

    A nameless vegan Facebook user recently invited people to "hunt" animals and eat them raw if they liked meat so much.

    "If you really think this is natural, catch your prey with your bare hand & teeth [sic] and devour all the body parts raw. No cooking, no seasoning, no sausces [sic] Then tell me how you love the taste of meat," they wrote.

    The meme, and the challenge, didn't go down well with their friends on the social network, with many rushing to lambast the poster and their dare.

    The Vegan Facebook User's Meme
    The Vegan Facebook User's Meme
    Linden Lonsdale Rebuts Vegan's Assumptions
    Linden Lonsdale Rebuts Vegan's Assumptions

    Many scientists support Lonsdale's argument — as evolutionary creatures, humans' stomachs have changed over time, and become accustomed to eating meat. Meat's rich in protein and vitamin B-12, and a good source of iron — although these supplements can be found nuts, beans, and grain. Lots of Facebook users also liked his comment — but some Bored Panda users opted for a more cynical and comical response.

    Bored Panda Users Chuckle Over Facebook Post
    Bored Panda Users Chuckle Over Facebook Post
    More Bored Panda Ridicule
    More Bored Panda Ridicule

    All jokes aside, nutritionists are clear — no vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous diet is ‘better' than another, and there's no one size fits all diet. Some people would greatly benefit from a diet light — or indeed entirely lacking — in respect of meat, others desperately need a carnivorous eating regimen to stay healthy.


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