05:03 GMT18 January 2021
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    Multiple Deadly Explosions Hit Sri Lanka on Catholic Easter (76)

    The South Asian island nation was rocked by a series of deadly bombing attacks on Catholic churches and hotels on Sunday, with at least 190 people killed and nearly 500 suffering injuries.

    President Trump's message of "heartfelt condolences from the people of the United States to the people of Sri Lanka" over Easter Sunday's attacks lost a bit of its diplomatic grace after the president mistakenly tweeted that the attacks had "killed at least 138 million people".

    The tweet, which remained on the president's Twitter account for over 30 minutes without change, prompted Trump's critics to point out the error, with some resorting to insensitive jokes about the size of Trump's inaugural crowd, and others saying they were confident enough to bet that Trump "doesn't have any idea where Sri Lanka is".

    Sri Lankans also weighed in, with some similarly voicing disappointment over the gaffe.

    Others didn't let the typo take away from Trump's serious message, voicing their "exhaustion" with terrorism and offering their own condolences over Sri Lanka's suffering.

    Others went after Trump's critics, saying that some people seemed to "care more" about the mistake than the attacks themselves. "How could you be that insensitive? Hundreds of people have died or are dying right now and you're criticizing a tweet? Disgusting", one user wrote.

    The attack on Trump continued in a neighbouring tweet in which the president issued his Easter congratulations, and in his corrected tweet, which he issued later Sunday morning.

    Sunday's typo wasn't the first time that Trump has gotten into trouble for failing to run his tweets through a spellcheck or fact check, with the president's tweets about "hamberders", "smocking guns", "text massages", "lasting peach in the Middle East", and most famously, "negative press covfefe" grabbing users' attention over the years.

    Multiple Deadly Explosions Hit Sri Lanka on Catholic Easter (76)


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