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    PewDiePie Reflects on Memories of First Steps Toward YouTube Stardom

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    For a year now, PewDiePie has been entangled in a neck-to-neck battle with India's largest music label, T-Series, competing to continue to be the most-subscribed YouTube channel. Pewds currently has over 100,000 fewer subscribers than his Indian challenger.

    On his first stream on the blockchain-powered platform DLive, PewDiePie has tapped into memories of when he was at the very beginning of his way to internet glory — and it appears that every new subscriber carried a lot of weight back then just as they do now.

    "I remember when I was a small YouTuber, having a few more people watching made such a difference," Pewds recalled.

    "I know what that feels like, when you're trying to make it… any sort of boost means so much," he added.

    The superstar Swedish internet personality launched his YouTube channel in 2010; he was initially uploading Let's Play videos but later explored more diverse content and has since amassed an army of over 94 million subscribers.

    "When I started off, I uploaded a video and I was trying something new, and I got two subs off the bat and I was like 'f**k yeah'," the 29-year-old reminisced of his first days as a YouTuber.

    He began live-streaming on DLive this month as part of an exclusive deal with the platform which came shortly after he faced an online petition that called for his banning from YouTube.

    Petitioners accused PewDiePie of using the N-word and making rape jokes — something the YouTuber himself described as "inaccurate".

    "If you don't know anything about me and you don't know anything to challenge these points then obviously it paints a really bad picture of me that just isn't true or at least accurate or anywhere near accurate", he said.


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