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    UFO riddle as mysterious 'plane' splits into six and vanishes

    SHOCK as 'Mystery Craft Splits Into Six Vehicles' Before VANISHING Into Thin Air

    © Photo: YouTube/Pen News
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    Kim at first thought it was an ordinary passenger plane flying a stone’s throw from his, but quickly dismissed the idea.

    Passenger Lucas Kim was left baffled while on board a plane travelling from Seoul, South Korea to Thailand, when he caught a glimpse of what he first thought was some mysterious “craft” split into six pieces that was hurtling towards the Earth just outside his window, before vanishing away.

    As he first saw an “object” flying parallel to one of the wings, he promptly filmed it, trying to zoom in on the flickering light, which seconds later appeared to dismantle, thereby forming six different dots moving along in twos.

    Although Lucas first assumed that another plane was proceeding with its journey side by side with his, he quickly ruled this out, since “it was rare to see another plane flying next to your own”. Upon closer examination, he discovered that the “pulsating greenish-yellowish light” that the video depicted in poor quality was not a plane, but six separate vehicles.

    “That was the only time I have seen something like this”, Kim was quoted by Pen News as saying.

    Viewers have told Lucas that they think the mysterious sight is best explained by reflected light from his own plane’s wing; however, this explanation doesn’t seem convincing enough to him.

    “You can believe anything you want, but I truly think I encountered a UFO”, the South Korean native noted later.

    “The word UFO does not mean it’s 100% alien, it simply means flying objects that we don’t recognise”, he added.

    Another type of conspiracy theory was also brought up, with Kim assuming that it could be “some crazy Russian spy plane”. Yet the extra-terrestrial life supposition tops his list of versions:

    “I am a Christian and I'm sure God gave us all of this universe to explore", he added.

    “So I don’t think there are other thinking species like us out there, but there might be different animals on other planets”.


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