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    Unforeseen Development: Israeli Election Campaign Promoted on Pornhub

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    On 9 April, Israelis will go to the polls and choose legislators for the 21st Knesset. All of the political parties have been campaigning since the start of the year.

    Recently, a campaign promotion for the 2019 Knesset elections appeared on, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    "This is an advertisement that we have not seen until now," Haaretz reported. "To this day, the pornographic arena was the only arena in which we did not see any political publications. It turns out that even this last refuge from politics was taken from the citizens of Israel."

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    According to Haaretz, the ads that appeared on Pornhub for Israelis are from some unidentified left-wing source which poked fun at right-wingers by using unusual political innuendos.

    According to the newspaper, the link on the ad transfers the user to a website called, a domain that was purchased in the US and registered privately.

    It is not possible to identify who is behind it, the newspaper stresses.

    Another bizarre moment during the 2019 general election in Israel was when Moshe Feiglin, the leader of far-right Zehut Party, appeared in a web series, containing foot slaps and the massaging of the feet of another man. In the video, Feiglin and the interviewed sip whiskey and even bite feet.

    This video not only drew the attention of Israeli social media, but was also uploaded to PornHub's gay section.


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