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    ‘Aliens Officially Reside in Florida’: Twitter Reacts to METEOR Falling

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    The National Weather Service has confirmed that a large green fireball, which was spotted blazing through the night sky in northern Florida on Saturday night, was a meteor.

    A whole array of eyewitnesses took to social media to share the rare sighting of what looked like a large green fireball plummeting from the sky in Florida’s capital city of Tallahassee late last week.

    In one video, a voice is heard screaming, “Did you see that?” as the bright teardrop-shaped object quickly descends to Earth.

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    Netizens suggested a spate of explanations of the event, with one user jokingly claiming that it was “nothing more than a top secret US ray gun shooting down an invading alien spacecraft”.

    He was echoed by another who argued that “aliens officially reside in Florida”.

    One more user went even further by suggesting that it was hopefully “Superman to come and save the planet from the clutches of Trump”.

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    The National Weather Service in Tallahassee, meanwhile, confirmed that the fireball, which was observed by a weather device used to track lightning in thunderstorms, is a meteor.

    The agency added that they were still working to determine where the meteor may have landed, even though it was possible that the object broke up in the atmosphere prior to impact


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