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    McDonald's Big Mac in Space

    Man Launches Big Mac Into Space, Goes 142 Miles to Taste It (VIDEO)

    © Photo: YouTube/Killem
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    The burger launched in Sheffield ended up at Colchester Community Stadium.

    YouTubers come up with all sorts of crazy ideas to get their views and likes. Some of them deserve true admiration for their utter randomness — especially when they actually work out.

    Tom Stanniland, a UK content creator, one day come up with a question: what would happen if a McDonald's Big Mac were launched into space and came back? What would it taste like?

    Before you can say "I'm lovin' it," one poor burger was fired into the air from Sheffield, strapped to a polystyrene box, bound to weather balloon and complete with a GoPro and a GPS tracker installed.

    And what do you know — up into space it went. Well, it didn't actually even come close the 62-mile-up Karman line, the official edge of "space," but it went way above the clouds at least, some 24 miles high, where the GoPro captured some fantastic footage of the Earth.

    And that's when the GPS tracker went black.

    That's why when the box fell to Earth, Stanniland had no idea where to look, and might not ever have found his lunch were it not for Colchester United's groundskeeper, who discovered the most unexpected contraption lying on the team's football course at Florence Park — 142 miles away from the launch point.

    ​When he turned the box over, the tracker caught a signal again, prompting Stanniland to call Colchester immediately.

    "When the club secretary phones the media department, it's normally something interesting — transfer news, contracts being signed, that sort of thing. But this time? There was a burger that had been found at the training ground," the team said in an official statement.

    "There was no card inside, so we didn't really know what to do. Honestly, what DO you do with a frozen burger?" the statement reads, adding that soon after the unexpected discovery, they were contacted by Stanniland.

    "The chap on the phone explained that the box, burger and Go Pro camera was his, he was from Sheffield, and he'd sent the burger into space. As you do. And he was coming to get it back!"

    It took Stanniland several hours to get to Colchester and retrieve his one-of-a-kind space burger. But, to his huge disappointment, the burger from space turned out to be almost inedible after its deep freeze in the upper layers of atmosphere.

    "It's not nice. It's drying my mouth out," Stanniland said on the video, as he struggled to chew the burger. However, he was still satisfied.

    "I've eaten a burger from space. There you are — that's it. We've done it," he says on the video.


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