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    Twitterstorm as PewDiePie REVEALS 'Final Strength' That Will Crush T-Series

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    The live subscriber count on SocialBlade has heated up as PewDiePie and Indian music label T-Series are running neck-and-neck in their never-ending race for the most subscribed YouTube channel.

    Just days after PewDiePie managed to reclaim his YouTube throne from T-Series, he unveiled his trump card – the most powerful weapon in his arsenal against the virtual adversary.

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    Before reviewing a series of “I am very smart” memes in a 25 March video, Pewds playfully touted his surreal IQ level that would help him take down T-Series for good.

    “The last thing I have not mentioned in the battle me versus T-Series. My final move, I have revealed all my strengths so far: Extremely handsome and good looking, very big tongue, I can eat G-Fuel raw. Crab King. But number five, listen to this: I am incredibly smart. 140 IQ? 200 IQ? Don’t make me laugh. 5000 IQ, is that all you have?” the Swede taunted his subscribers before saying that his IQ has been measured at “100 million 100”.

    Twitter users were quick to react to Pewds’ video, calling the Swedish YouTuber “perfection”:

    Others didn’t hesitate to poke fun at the vlogger and the video’s title, which suggested that “only 1000 IQ+ can watch” it:

    PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has gone to extraordinary lengths and used the craziest stunts to woo subscribers in his Great War against T-Series, including hosting a Meme Review with Elon Musk and proclaiming himself #1 BTS fan.

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    Even though the King of YouTube was dethroned last week after Indian actress Monalisa encouraged her 1.7-million Instagram followers to subscribe to T-Series, he managed to make a glorious comeback several days later.


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