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    Pamela Anderson, actress and photo model, known for championing animal welfare, seen at a press conference in Moscow

    'Americans Living in SNL Skit': Pamela Anderson Bashes Trump, Reality TV

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    The actress urged people in the United States to vote on the "next election", comparing life in the US during Trump’s presidency to a neverending comedy skit.

    As the release of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report summary led to many celebrities, politicians and ordinary folk vocally express their opinion on the matter on social media, famous actress and activist Pamela Anderson made her voice heard as well.

    In her recent series of tweets, Pamela claimed that while "the soap opera of American politics" does not interest her, people in the United States will continue living in an "SNL skit" as long as Trump remains president, further insisting that it is "important to vote in the next election".

    ​She also used this opportunity to express her dissatisfaction with reality TV shows, describing them as an "epidemic of ugliness, superficial competitions, desperate and exploitive — for the artist".

    "You are usually bullied into doing TV like this by agents fighting over commissions — you’re left without any great amount of joy or money — you feel used, dirty, and with no feeling of accomplishment", the Baywatch star complained.

    ​Pamela’s statements evoked a somewhat mixed reaction online as many netizens did not seem keen to agree with her opinion about Trump,

    ​Though some apparently did share her point of view.

    ​Her take on reality TV, however, evoked a much more uniform response.

    ​A summary of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, released on Sunday, said that no proof of US President Donald Trump coordinating with Russia ahead of the 2016 presidential election had been found.


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