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    Black hole

    Residents Discern ‘Black Holes’ in Northern Russian Skies (VIDEO)

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    The magnificent show can be attributed to a natural wonder, and it really is, since the phenomenon is a rare sight made possible due to gusts of wind intensifying when reaching a particular height.

    Residents of Russia’s north have witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon — that of a so-called lenticular cloud hovering in the skies over the Khibiny Mountains on the Kola Peninsula, and most notably, took it for a black hole.

    The witnesses captured the moment on camera, when the cloud fenced the moon for 15 minutes, shutting in light, and uploaded the footage on the Russian social network Vkontakte.

    While the Earth's satellite lit up the cloud a bit, one got the impression of a gigantic hole forming there.

    Almost immobile lens-shaped clouds form from the downwind side of high altitudes, as winds get stronger at a certain height.


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