13:54 GMT22 January 2021
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    US President Donald Trump has continued criticizing John McCain telling reporters that he was never a fan of the late Republican Senator.

    "I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be," Trump told reporters at the White House, during a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

    “I’m very unhappy that he didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare as you know, he campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare for years,” Trump said. “And then he got to a vote and he said thumbs down.” “I think that’s disgraceful, plus there were other things,” Trump added.

    The comment comes amid the escalating row between Donald Trump and John McCain's daughter.

    Earlier, Meghan McCain shared a cartoon on her official Instagram account showing the military medals of her father under the heading "John McCain" side-by-side with drawings of pacifiers under the heading "Donald Trump". On Monday, the daughter of the late Arizona Senator also tore into the US President during an episode of the TV show "The View", saying that her father was Trump's "kryptonite" in life and in death.

    However, shortly after McCain's publication, Katrina Pierson, Trump's senior campaign adviser, replied to Meghan with another cartoon. It was the same in its conception, but under the "Donald Trump" heading there was the presidential seal instead of pacifiers.
    John McCain passed away of cancer-related complications last August.


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