21:11 GMT31 October 2020
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    A local volunteer explained that Trump signed her 10-year old daughter’s Bible after the girl herself asked him to do so.

    During his visit to the town of Beauregard,Alabama that was recently hit by a tornado which claimed the lives of 23 people, US President Donald Trump paid his respects to the victims of the deadly disaster, met with their families and signed a couple of Bibles.

    The catch? Trump left his signature on the books’ covers.

    ​According to ABC News, volunteer Emily Pike said that Trump and his wife Melania signed a Bible owned by her 10-year old daughter, Meredith.

    "She just reached out there and said, 'Mr president, would you sign this?'" Emily said, adding that Trump also signed another Bible for one of Meredith’s friends.

    News of this development quickly spread like wildfire on social media, with many mocking President Trump over this stunt.

    Some were also quick to bash certain groups and media outlets who, allegedly, seemed reluctant to call out Trump on this.

    Others, however, called out the people criticising Trump instead.

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