20:14 GMT27 October 2020
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    Hardly had the Swedish YouTuber confessed to standing little chance of surpassing his rival, when he hinted at a mysterious plan that he still has in store to reach his ultimate goal.

    Although PewDiePie seemed to have given up his fight for YouTube leadership on 2 March, mere hours later, on the same day, he took to the website to share a video where he teased a mysterious plan to outrun his long-standing rival, the Bollywood company T-Series.

    “I have a trick up my sleeve”, Pewds, aka Felix Kjellberg, announced.

    “And it’s coming, okay? You best be scared, T-Series. If it’s not up already, keep an eye out”, the YouTuber warned, without giving any further clues on what exactly he is going to undertake.

    However, the initiative to this end was eagerly taken by Pewds’ army of online supporters, offering their conspiracy theories on how their Internet icon may grit out a victory; and their suggestions are at times infinitely hilarious:

    Some, however, appear not to take the YouTuber’s solemn notification seriously enough, suggesting that YouTube would “learn about it and end it”.

    One even drew a parallel between PewDiePie and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was proposed as a Nobel Peace Prize candidate after he released an Indian pilot as “a peace gesture” following the recent India-Pakistan controversy over Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists’ activity in Kashmir.

    While the digital world is waiting for Pewds to post anything that has to do with his race against T-Series, he earlier discussed the probable return of his classic “Fridays with PewDiePie” series, although he shared no details.

    Kjellberg may also stick to his tendency to call celebrity guests to host “Meme Review”, following Elon Musk's’ famous appearance on the show in late February.

    The gap in the subscriber count between the two bitter rivals narrows from day to day, recently reaching fewer than 5,000 and reportedly prompting Pewds to tweet out “Looks like this is it”.  However, a pivotal moment occurred last week when, after multiples ups and downs for both participants, T-Series briefly overtook the Swedish creator for a gruelling 8-minute lapse. Yet, the dominance wouldn’t even have been noticed but for YouTube channels that have been automatically registering the two channels’ subscriber counts.

    Despite a lot of scepticism over the issue, PewDiePie, who has been battling T-Series since last summer, his fans are hoping for the better, as the top YouTuber is racking up support due to his being a highly popular individual creator rather than a profit-seeking business.

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    Having unfurled a sweeping promo-campaign involving celebs and a number of flash mobs on Twitter, the Swede has so far earned 87,894,392 subscribers, while T-Series has some 87,888,082 for now.

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