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    Saleswoman 'calms down' a violent customer

    UFC Fighter Totally Blown Away by Russian Saleswoman's Knockout

    © Photo: YouTube/Uhlan Dzhumakov
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    Gif footage showing an unambiguous gesture of a female shop assistant has garnered thousands of views and comments during the first 24 hours after it popped up on Reddit, and its viral status shows no sign of abating.

    British UFC fighter Darren Till has expressed his admiration for a Russian saleswoman who knocked down a violent customer. “Play with feathers get ye arse tickled”, Till captioned a video  that he recently reposted on his Instagram account, earning well over 335,000 views on his page in less than 24 hours.

    The CCTV footage, reportedly captured several years ago in a shop in the Russian town of Gus Khrustalny, has recently grown wildly popular on Reddit after a user posted it there, and has since been uploaded in the video format on a number of YouTube channels.

    It sports two men having a row when standing in queue at the counter, with one punching the other vigorously against a drink cooler. Without thinking twice, the cashier comes straight up to the pair and kayos the brawler, after calling him a "f***ing dog" and hitting him several times. She then turns around on her heels and walks back to the counter as if nothing had happened

    “This is Russia, chap”, one commenter wrote, pretending to be not in the least impressed, with another one weighing in along the same lines:

    “Russia is undefeatable”, the user posted.

    “From Russia with love”, another viewer wrote tongue-in-cheek, with another subscriber commenting that the incident looks like “a normal day in Russia”.

    A different one, meanwhile, went still further, joking that, incidentally, Conor McGregor was absolutely “lucky” to meet Khabib in the octagon, and “not this lady”.

    Another one remarked in Russian “that half of the women in this country are just like her”.


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