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    Lights above Minnesota

    Mystery Lights Forming Triangle in US Skies Send Netizens Into Complete Frenzy

    © Photo : Screenshot/YouTube/thirdphaseofmoon
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    As the lights that hovered in the sky above the US the other day are still shrouded in mystery, with no statement on the matter having been issued by American aviation authorities, netizens have eagerly let loose their intuition and imagination.

    A recently uploaded video sporting a round dance of unidentified flying lights high up in the Minnesota sky has sparked an incredibly lively debate online, with conspiracy theorists eagerly putting in their two cents. 

    The footage, uploaded by netizen Vazquez Diaz, shows 12 nascent lights wandering in the night sky, without showing any signs of features and typical characteristics that could help identify them.

    In a bid to know the truth, a group of conspiracy lovers’ YouTube channel called thirdphaseofmoon has even uploaded the video to enable their subscribers to have their say.

    One user claimed that the objects captured in the video virtually correspond to a “large craft embedded in the cloud”, with another one chiming in, suggesting that it could be drones “or spotlights in the sky”. “If those were drones, they were breaking FAA (The Federal Aviation Regulations) regs”, another netizen responded, prompting a somewhat more fatalistic reaction:

    “Something is going on in our skies”, one claimed, while a different viewer thought a bit of a joke would be totally in place:

    “Nice to see the aliens have a sense of humour with their Christmas sock spaceship”, the user noted tongue-in-cheek.

    More rational views also came in, as users discerned some triangular object in the way the lights were located in space:

    “The triangle ship is the TR3-B! We made it! Patent on it too!” user Wold Otter claimed, with another one pondering on cutting-edge human technology and suggesting that humanity is “actually 100 years more advanced than what the governments let us know”.

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