14:22 GMT14 July 2020
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    A video of a recent episode of The Daily Show, in which host Trevor Noah parodied the hostile situation on the border between south Asia's two nuclear powers as a Bollywood sing and dance number, has provoked anger online, with many claiming that this time he'd gone too far.

    New Delhi (Sputnik): South Africa-born comedian Trevor Noah was excoriated by social media users for making light of the on-going India-Pakistan exchange of fire in restive Kashmir; Twitter users swore at him and called him everything from an 'insensitive artiste' to an outright racist.

    One person spoke about the irony of a black man from South Africa engaging in "stereotypical racism".

    Another user insisted that he didn't compare favourably with his popular Daily Show predecessor.

    One user exclaimed "How insensitive he is!" and went on to offer some advice on respecting people.

    Irresponsible comedy must draw a line somewhere lives were lost families destroyed forever there are some things which are sacred not to be joked about so callously https://t.co/vbluL7iFkM

    If anyone can translate to him,we call such people Chutia and he is above one.


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