11:12 GMT31 October 2020
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    Earlier, Mikhaila Peterson posted scans of her cholesterol blood work on Twitter to prove her good health, noting that she has been eating meat for a year.

    The daughter of renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has published a photo of herself in a swimsuit on Twitter, sarcastically singling out “scurvy and vitamin deficiencies”.

    Mikhaila Peterson’s tweet came after her father, who like Mikhaila subsists on an entirely all-beef diet, asked her “to explain it a bit” referring to an article in the Atlantic Monthly.

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    In the piece, Jack Gilbert, the faculty director at the University of Chicago’s Microbiome Centre and a professor of surgery, described Mikhaila Peterson’s diet as “a terribly bad idea” and warned her of the fatal consequences.

    The warning was preceded by Mikhaila’s tweet in which she posted scans of her cholesterol blood work to prove the good state of her health. She added that she has been eating meat for the past 12 months. 

    Most netizens gave kudos to Mikhaila Peterson, chiming in on the matter and piling praise on her slender body.

    Several others, however, retorted by noting that all this is abnormal and “weird”.

    27-year-old Mikhaila Peterson reportedly moved to eating nothing but salt, beef, and water due to an array of debilitating medical issues, including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


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