17:35 GMT10 July 2020
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    The recently conceived device allows couples to drop a sexual hint to each other without saying a word.

    A couple from Cleveland has invented a gadget that allows you to tell your significant other you're in a mood for sex — with only a simple press of a button. According to Ryan and Jenn Cmich, the inventors, the device — called LoveSync — should save you the embarrassment of being rejected by your partner, if they're not exactly in the same mood as you are. The device is supposed to be especially useful for those who prefer not to ask about these things outright.

    The idea is rather simple: if one partner is in a playful mood, they press a button. If the other partner presses the button within a customizable time period, the button's LED backlight starts to glow, indicating a "consensus." And if they don't, simply nothing happens.

    The inventors say their device has worked wonders for themselves.

    "We're not trying to stop people from talking. We're not trying to end the world," Ryan Cmich told Business Insider. "We're just trying to introduce a fun little dynamic to relationships."

    "It added anticipation back into our relationship, because we were wondering if the button was going to glow," Jenn Cmich added. "It has really quickly become a gadget I wouldn't ever want to give up."

    "It's less than a bouquet of roses or a nice dinner out or a couple bottles of wine," Jenn Cmich said about the price tag. Ryan also added he thinks people would spend more than $57 "just to have sex once or twice more."

    However, the device has been met with a polarized reception. While its Kickstarter campaign has met its target of $7,500 two times over, some social media users slammed the device — and for a whole number of reasons.

    ​While some mocked the device, calling it a "central horniness server" and ironized about its built-in cancel function, others were bewildered by the $57 price tag — which might be explained by the device's cool design and materials. Some users even blamed the device for replacing "audible consent for sex," according to 2 Oceans Vibe.

    ​​The device's video advertisement didn't help, either. Filled to the brim with awkward euphemisms for sex, it also says the button can be pushed "anonymously," — a rather strange choice of words for a device designed for couples.

    "I love to anonymously trigger my horniness device in the hopes that my partner has also triggered their horniness device and that the patent-pending LoveSync technology finds consensus in our sexual desire spectrum ratings," one comment reads.


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