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    Suspicions Arise That Oscars 2019 Stage Was ‘Tribute’.. to Trump’s Hair

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    Although many have agreed that the flowy curves of the stage design looked exactly like President Trump’s famous mane, there were those who brought up Marilyn Monroe’s iconic wigs in response.

    Eagle-eyed Oscar viewers were left puzzled after finding the landmark award stage design bore a striking resemblance to Donald Trump’s famous locks, although star in attendance, who packed the historic Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday’s night, didn’t seem to notice.

    "Anyone else seeing President Trumps [sic] hair in the 2019 Oscars stage?" one user asked on Twitter, with another one rushing to butt in with his own presumption:

    “Maybe it is a tribute”, a netizen said, while others preferred to leave without comments, just posting the Oscars stage captured from a distance.

    The set-up, designed by Broadway’s David Korins, was supposed to symbolise “inclusion and humanity, femininity and beauty”, but its resemblance to Trump’s hay-yellow “barnet fair” couldn’t but attract particular attention.

     "I don’t see that, but I think that people see in artistic endeavours all sorts of things”, Korins replied to LA Times’ question about the hilarious resemblance, adding: "You look at paintings and sculpture and architecture and people see what they want to see”.

    "The world is filled with hard lines and straight lines and us-and-thems, and I really wanted people to feel like this was an asymmetrical, warm, undulating art installation that was installed in this theatre”, he said about the message behind the gentle curves in the stage design.

    Some users hurried to explain the idea in tweets:

    But one Twitterian couldn’t resist the temptation to show the likeness in a freshly compiled collage:

    Another weighed in making a different assumption that the stage looked more like a Marilyn Monroe wig:

    In parallel comments, viewers drew a line between the Oscars statues at the back of the stage and Melania Trump’s crimson Christmas trees that decked the White House on Christmas, with many calling the 18-foot festive decorations “morbid”.

    “Did they recycle Melania’s Bloody Christmas Trees into the Oscar Statues on stage?” one Twitterian mocked the Oscars stage props.

    “Dear Lord so many meltdowns about red Christmas trees how could they?! If you ask me they’re creepier than Melania’s trees ever were”, another weighed in.



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