06:55 GMT26 January 2021
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    A few days ago, President Donald Trump underwent an annual physical examination, with his physician in the White House concluding that POTUS was in “very good health”.

    Sean Conley, the US president’s physician, has released the full report on Donald Trump’s four-hour long medical examination that took place on 8 February.

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    Just like last January, Trump’s height is 6’3’’, but his weight has slightly changed, as he has picked up a few pounds, and is now officially considered obese at 243lb (110 kg).

    The fact that POTUS is two inches taller than his predecessor Barack Obama has raised many eyebrows among Twitter sceptics, who didn’t hesitate to accuse the White House of lying about Trump’s medical results:

    Social media users dug up photos of Trump and Obama standing side by side at the former’s inauguration, and they show that the two are more or less the same height:

    Others poked fun at the fact that he’s now classed as obese, with a BMI of just over 30:

    Some netizens, however, rushed to Trump’s defence, saying that people should stop “fat-shaming” the commander-in-chief:

    Many Trump critics have constantly been speculating about the president’s health, claiming he might be physically or mentally unfit to hold office. This year’s report highlighted that Trump is “in very good health”, with Conley writing that he anticipated that POTUS “will remain so for the duration of his Presidency, and beyond”.


    Twitter Wild as Cheney's Doctor Suggests WH 'Hiding' Something on Trump's Exam
    White House Doctor Says Trump 'In Very Good Health' After Exam
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