21:33 GMT22 October 2020
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    The inventor and billionaire who vowed to bring humanity to Mars might rethink his decision as it appears that he and the Red Planet have quite an intimate relationship.

    Everything started with a simple tweet – the unverified account of the Fourth Planet responded to a rather random – since deleted – tweet of “I want to move to Mars. NO MEN THERE” with a flat rejection, stating that the only one the planet wanted was Elon.

    The billionaire was quick to respond, heating up the thread with flirty messages, which ended up with a “send me hot pics and I’ll be there” scenario.

    Apparently, the picture was too hot for poor Elon, as he retweeted an image of Mars’ surface, saying “thank goodness it’s not November”, apparently making a reference to the “No Nut November” meme flashmob.

    READ MORE: Elon Musk Believes There’s a 70% Chance of Him Getting to Mars

    Net users were watching as the romance quickly escalated, noting that Mars must be really enthusiastic about Musk – which would explain all the water recently found on the planet.

    Others couldn’t resist congratulating Musk on his passionate love affair, even if the object of his affection was a planet.

    Musk's reference to "no Nut November" also didn't go unnoticed.

    Users also tried to combine two of Musk’s obsessions – planets and anime girls.

    Yet the SpaceX founder must be careful – as the case of another billionaire, Jeff Bezos, has revealed, sexting could lead to unwanted consequences, one Twitter user pointed out.

    Back in November Musk told reporters that there is a 70% chance of him getting to Mars in one of his spacecrafts in the next several years – while also claiming that there is a “high chance of death” on the way there. Yet judging from this hot Twitter thread, the probability of Musk getting to his planetary mistress is pretty high.


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