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    WATCH: California Patron Wraps Steak in Napkin, Leaves Without Paying Bill

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    The man pretended he was expecting three friends to join, but he spent an hour in the diner alone before taking off without paying, taking with him a steak wrapped in a napkin.

    A video clip posted online shows an eyebrow-raising theft a man recently pulled off in a California restaurant.

    According to employees of the House of Beef restaurant, the strange patron came in and asked for a table, claiming he was waiting for three friends to join in. After about an hour, he ordered a 20-ounce porterhouse and a lobster tail, despite none of the alleged friends having shown up.

    Camera footage posted on Facebook then shows the man proceeding with his dinner, until he stops, picks up his steak with his fingers, waits for the juice fall away, wraps the porterhouse in a cloth napkin he reportedly took from the bread basket, and then walks out without paying the bill.

    According to Christina Ingram, one of the restaurant's employees, the patron looked "very nervous and [was] looking around, making sure no one was watching him."

    "What type of person will take a steak and watch the juice drip off and then wrap it in a linen napkin?" another server asked during in an interview with Fox News.

    She described the perpetrator as looking like a "used-car salesman, or a bad real estate agent."

    "Slimeball," she quipped.

    The restaurant filed a police report, saying the patron owes the $56 for the meal. The restaurant owner say he is more upset by the patron's brazen act than the money itself.

    One of the servers said that "[It would] be great if he would come in and pay his bill and apologize," but added she has little hope that will actually happen.


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