19:29 GMT21 October 2020
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    As the world’s attention is drawn to the political crisis in Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro’s continued endeavours to stop a US-backed coup d’etat, social media users suspect that he used to live a totally different life back in the 1980s.

    The Internet has been flooded with messages from flabbergasted users who stumbled across a music video from a 1987 song called “At the Dawn” by the Soviet band “Alliance”.

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    Apparently two members of the quartet irradiating retro vibes strikingly resemble Russian President Vladimir Putin – the lead singer – and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro – the keyboard player, rocking the dopest glasses ever!

    Social media users are sure: the two had a secret jam session back in the 1980s before getting political:

    TWEET: “Putin has known Maduro for a long time. Few people know but in the 80s they played together at concerts”

    TWEET: "’Hands off Venezuela immediately’", by Putin (vocal) and Maduro (keyboards)”

    TWEET: “REVELATION, guys. #Maduro and #Putin defend themselves because they have a secret common past: they were part of #Alliance, a #pop band in the #USSR in the 1980s”

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