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    "Ireland should just rejoin the UK! That would solve Brexit!" one of the many Brexit-dedicated posts on the Ireland Simpsons Fans page has suggested, ridiculing the dead end of exit deal negotiations British politicians can't seem to manage.

    The meme page on both Facebook and Twitter platforms shares images from the American sitcom The Simpsons accompanying them with sarcastic captions, often related to the ongoing process of Britain attempting to leave the European Union.

    Westminster Brexit protagonists, such as Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage, are portrayed in the memes that are liked and shared on social media by the account fans and followers.

    The complex and at times volatile coalition partnership between Theresa May's Conservative government and Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has also been subject of many memes posted by the page, created in 2016 by Jack Leahy, from Dublin.

    The DUP, propping the Tory government since the 2017 election, are feverishly against the Irish backstop arrangement and being in any way cut off from the UK following 29 March, 2019. They have rejected the deal, proposed by Theresa May, over its "toxic backstop" but remain firm they'd like to see a sensible deal agreed between London and Brussels.

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    The British royalty that — almost — has nothing to do with Brexit was also mocked by the meme page. After Prince Philip's car accident on 18 January, the following post appeared on the Ireland Simpsons Fans Twitter account.

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