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    Australian woman bitten by snake in toilet

    'I Jumped up With My Pants Down': Australian Woman Attacked by Python in Toilet

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    Australian resident Helen Richards was bitten by a Carpet Python when she tried to use the toilet. The incident occurred at her sister-in-law's home in Brisbane, Queensland.

    According to Richards, she felt sharp fangs on her skin and decided that she had been bitten by a green frog, but immediately realised that this amphibian did not have teeth.

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    "I jumped up with my pants down and turned around to see what looked like a long-neck turtle receding back into the bowl," she said as quoted by The Courier Mail newspaper.

    It turned out to be a half-metre-long python, which bit the woman to hard enough to bleed. In an attempt to defend herself from the snake, the woman closed the toilet lid, propping it up with two pots of plants. Then Richards called upon local snake hunter Jasmine Zeleny. Who carried the snake out of the house and released it into the nearest stream.

    "By the time I got there, she had trapped the snake and calmed down. Helen treated the whole situation like a champion," Zeleny said, as quoted by the BBC.


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