06:41 GMT30 November 2020
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    Apart from being Instagram-famous due to a range of extravagant pictures, Miley has always been outspoken on socially relevant topics such as drugs, relationships, and human nature, adducing meaningful captions below her regularly uploaded posts.

    Miley Cyrus conveyed her message pretty distinctly on Monday as she posted a picture of herself with marijuana joint in her mouth, captioning it with what sounds like a slogan promoting light drugs:

    “Weed makes you happy”. The words are cheekily preceded by: “Listen to Miley. She also knows what’s up”, which appears to somehow be connected with the previous post celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. day and the wildly popular US comedy series “Hannah Montana”:

    “Listen to Hannah [Montana]. She knows what’s up. #MLKDay LOVE LOVE LOVE @happyhippiefdn”, the caption below it reads.

    The 26 year-old “Wrecking Ball”-star has been especially vocal recently  on a string of topics, including smoking weed, and confessing all but love for it, which has been around for quite a while. However, she earlier stated that it wasn’t like she was “sitting around telling a bunch of kids to do a bunch of drugs”.

    Despite a certain antagonism in comments, crowds rushed to defend Cyrus, asserting that she personally “makes them happy”. Some unequivocally stated that the only negative thing weed does to the way one feels is that it slows the reflexes, which rules out driving, for instance.

    "Weed makes you stupid dumb," one stated, with another going still further suggesting that Miley shouldn't use her popularity to promote drugs: "Miley doesn't know what's up if that's what makes her happy."

    "Weed is the best plant on planet earth and i, and many others, owe our lives to it. Thank you Miley. I appreciate you," another user said in the singer's defence, the rhetoric supported by another Instagrammer:

    "There is such a stigma about it because people are not educated. Or they read stupid stories that don't have all the facts."

    The bombshell hit headlines as early as last month, as reports emerged that she and her long-time boyfriend actor Liam Hemsworth had finally tied the knot – a fact that the newly-minted wife subsequently confirmed with a series of black and white wedding pics.


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