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    Trans Teen Wows Netizens Celebrating Surgery With 'Farewell to Penis' Party

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    LGBTQ activist and reality TV star Jazz Jennings, who was born a boy, but decided to have his male genitalia removed, topped the celebration with a themed cake in the form of the body part the 17-year-old wanted to be rid of.

    Transgender YouTuber Jazz Jennings featured in the TLC show I Am Jazz about a trans teen tweeted a picture of the signature cake from his Farewell to Penis party before a sex realignment surgery prompting a firestorm in the comments. The baked smiling penis in frosting has gained thousands of likes and comments, including an endorsement from transgender actress Nicole Maines who starred in the Supergirl series, branding it as “iconic”.

    ​Some liked the idea and referred to Jennings’ story as inspirational.

    ​Others were less welcoming.

    It was the teenager’s mother who came up with the idea to “do this party because I want to have fun with the idea that Jazz is having surgery” and convinced others to say goodbye to Jennings’ old penis instead of freaking out because of the operation. The father of the family suggested a vagina cake to celebrate his offspring’s new body, but his wife refused to bake it.

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    Jennings admitted that he wanted to make his dad uncomfortable.

    “This quirky and fun idea seems like a cool thing but also, I love making my dad uncomfortable, and if this penis party is gonna do just that, then we gotta have a penis party”, he said.

    Some 20 guests gathered to celebrate the surgery with Jazz. At the farewell penis party he thanked everyone for coming. Addressing his family and friends he admitted that although he had grown to love his penis he was happy to say goodbye.

    “So let’s cut it off!” he concluded the speech, cutting through the baked penis.


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