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    IDF soldiers in the Hebron area

    Let the Holy Meme War Begin! IDF Mocks Iran on Twitter

    CC BY 2.0 / Israel Defense Forces / Brother's Keeper Operation in Judea & Samaria
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    The sarcastic tweet continues the Israeli rhetoric towards Iran, which was recently reiterated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who claimed that Israel had targeted Iranian forces in Syria in its recent airstrikes. Tehran has repeatedly denied Tel Aviv's accusations, stating that it has only sent military advisers to the Arab Republic.

    The official Twitter account of the Israel Defence Forces has posted a mocking picture featuring a map of the Middle East with an arrow drawn pointing at Syria and captioned "where Iran is" and several arrows pointing to Iran on the map with the caption "where Iran belongs" in an apparent reference to Israeli claims that Tehran has sent units from its Quds Force to the Arab Republic.

    The tweet itself was stylized as if the map was intended to help Iran, which "seem[s] to be lost", further intensifying the mockery.

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    The IDF post exploded on Twitter, with netizens forecasting the beginning of a "holy meme war" and "trolling games".

    One twitterian suggested that since Israel was so good at giving directions to those who are lost, it could also help Turkey, hinting that its military operations in northern Syria were not sanctioned by Damascus.

    Other netizens noted that Israel itself seems to be "lost" and present in occupied territories, such as the Golan Heights.

    Some social media users recalled other states that are in places where they "don't belong".

    The IDF's tweet comes in wake of recent airstrikes carried out by the Israeli Air Force on 21 January, with Israel claiming to have targeted Iranian military objects in Syria. Iran has rejected the claims, stating that it only has military advisers deployed in the Arab Republic and is not going to withdraw them in light of Israeli threats.

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    Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Iran to "get out of [Syria] fast", warning that Israeli airstrikes against Tehran's alleged military targets would continue.


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