16:16 GMT02 August 2021
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    The rapper has already released four gaming consoles that have been slammed by customers for their heavy resemblance to existing products. Even a lawsuit threat from Nintendo hasn't stopped the rap artist from doing it again, however.

    PewDiePie, the current top YouTuber, slammed rapper Soulja Boy for ripping off Sony's handheld gaming console, in a video uploaded recently to his channel.

    The rapper recently made his first steps into the gaming business, Metro.co.uk, reported, by releasing four consoles, named SouljaGame, SouljaGame Handheld, Retro SouljaBoy Mini and SouljaGame FUZE. His latest version of the Handheld sports a rounded new design.

    However, the customers quickly noticed that the consoles bear a heavy resemblance to other products on the market, namely the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Game Boy, and have speculated whether the rapper's devices may face legal issues from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

    Nintendo, notorious for its overly jealous treatment of its copyrights (including only recently-lifted restrictions on Let's Play videos of its games), has already threatened Soulja Boy with a lawsuit, to which the rapper replied with an aggressive denial in a series of since-deleted tweets.

    ​However, the website where he sold his consoles has since been taken down.

    "You'd think after Nintendo cracked down on Soulja Boy, he would stop," PewDiePie — real name Felix Kjellberg — noted in his video sarcastically. "Okay, well then — Sony. It's Sony time, everybody!"

    He accompanied his comments with a screenshot of an article pointing out the new Handheld's resemblance to the Sony PS Vita.

    Pointing out that the rapper's console costs three times as much as its Sony's look-alike, he quipped:

    "Why should you pay $33 for a product when you can buy the exact same product, called SouljaGame and it's $99.99? Why pay a third of the price when you can pay way more?"

    Earlier, PewDiePie mocked Instagram celebrity Kylie Jenner over her response to an egg that broke her record of 18 million likes.

    Soulja Boy has not yet responded to the situation, Metro reports.


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