06:40 GMT26 February 2021
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    The famous singer is known to be a strong supporter of the traditional view on gender, stressing that there is no scientific evidence for more than two sexes.

    Kaya Jones, a professional singer who became famous after performing with the Pussycat Dolls, has come under fire on Twitter for asking a single question in a post: how do people feel about their kids going to gender neutral restrooms? Along with the question, she included a video depicting one such bathroom.

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    Many social media users had no problem with their children using gender neutral bathrooms, noting that such facilities have existed for a long time across the US.

    Others noted that restrooms in Jones' house are probably also gender neutral, further noting that she probably has no problem with that.

    Many netizens actually favoured such bathrooms over gender-separated ones, as they could thus accompany their kids more freely.

    Numerous social media users stated that they would actually be terrified of using gender neutral restrooms if there was a person standing nearby filming the entrance.

    Many specifically noted the hectic manner in which Jones filmed the bathroom sign.

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    Seeing the numerous negative responses, Kaya Jones finally gave her own take on the whole bathroom issue, claiming that she doesn't want to see men in the same restroom as her, but would prefer separate facilities.

    Some jokingly noted that they would probably not be fine using such a restroom if one person in particular was inside.

    Several twitterians approached the question from a different angle and noted that it depends on whether the bathroom is suited for one or multiple individuals.

    Kaya Jones is a known supporter of the view that there are only two genders. She opposes the notion of the existence of multiple genders that has arisen in recent years and has pointed out that scientists have so far only managed to prove the existence of two sexes. 


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