17:02 GMT25 October 2020
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    The host of Fox Nation was quick to delete her tweet with the suspicion, but netizens managed to screenshot it. In the deleted tweet, Tomi Lahren appeared to suggest that the senator had a racist-themed decoration in her home.

    Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren has come under heavy fire from netizens after she reportedly posted a tweet with a screengrab of a New Year's Eve video by Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren with the caption "Am I seeing this correctly?" Lahren drew a circle around a decoration in the background of the screenshot and suggested that it was a figurine of an African American eating a watermelon.

    The notorious tweet was soon removed by its author, but not before netizens made a screengrab of their own, preserving the deleted tweet. Many twitterians called for Lahren's resignation from the Fox network in light of her attempt to accuse Warren of racism, despite the fact that she withdrew her suggestion.

    Some netizens went as far as to accuse the network itself of racism for not having fired the host, whose post angered some social media users.

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    But that logic found little support among other social media users, who couldn't comprehend how Lahren or Fox could be considered racist for suspecting racist tendencies among others.

    Many twitterians stood up in support of Lahren and even agreed with her apparent suggestion that the senator indeed had a racist figurine in the background.

    The figurine, which Lahren supposedly saw in Senator Warren's house, is an iconic image of an African-American closely associated with slavery. The image of an African-American consuming simple fruit was spread by supporters of slavery to prove that this part of the US population did not require much to be happy and thus weren't in need of freedom.

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    Senator Warren herself is known for her harsh stance against big corporations and strong position on controlling banks. She recently announced her intention to run for president in 2020.


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