09:16 GMT +318 January 2020
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    Thousands of thrilled sky watchers across New Zealand reported a dazzling light in the sky, with many rushing to social media to share videos of the extraordinary sighting.

    A bright fireball has been spotted flying across New Zealand’s skies; with reports suggesting that the phenomenon occurred about 9 p.m. local time [8 a.m. GMT] on Saturday.

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    There’s been much speculation about what the object was, with people wondering whether it was space junk, a meteor, or even a satellite…

    While many alleged that it was a meteor and said that they had heard a loud bang…

    TWEET: “WTF, yesterday a meteorite passed above us, A METEORITE. We heard a boom 5 minutes later, 350 km away from that place, I’m still shocked”.

    …others said it could be the remains of the out-of-control Russian satellite, Kosmos 2430.

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