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    The full moon rises behind holiday lights on Thanksgiving in Lawrence, Kan., Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018

    'Time Travelers' on Possible Lunar Holidays in Several Years Make Netizens ROFL

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    In a recent vlog post on a popular conspiracy channel, a man who claims that he visited our time for the holidays, gave his “insight” into a technological breakthrough that is supposedly due to happen within the next decade. However, his revelations haven’t seemed to impress commenters, who mocked the prophet, along with his prophecy.

    A video made by a man claiming to be someone named Darryl Dean from the year 2033, has appeared on a YouTube channel devoted to conspiracies, Apex TV, saying that they had received an audio file included in an email.

    The man “reveals” several mind-blowing details about the upcoming decade, claiming that time travel will become publicly available in 2028, along with the admission of the existence of aliens.

    “In the year 2025, a base is opened on the moon, and people can actually visit it for a fee,” the man claims in the audio file, saying that here on Earth people would be dealing with the consequences of global warming and overpopulation.

    However, humans would not be very interested in outer space, according to the self-proclaimed guest from the future.

    “Most people think that people are going to go out and explore the whole universe, but actually, as humans advance everything is going to get smaller, not bigger. Eventually, we all start uploading our brains to computers and start simulating realities – but that’s later in the 2060s,” the man on the tape claimed.

    The recording also had it that within the next four years, people would receive a Wi-fi brain chip making it 6 times more powerful thanks to Internet access. Another novelty would be contact lenses allowing humans to record what is going on. Other break-through “revelations” included 3D-printed organs and AI matching human intelligence.

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    The bizarre prophecy, which has gained almost 208,000 views as of the time of publication, has entertained users, who mocked the prophet and his revelations for being so obviously fake.

    “I time traveled to the future, and found out that you won most click-baiting YouTube channel award,” one posted.

    “I’ll be back here in 14 years to tell if this is true,” another promised.


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