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    Texas Man Confronted for Racist Rant Over Arabs and Democrats

    WATCH: Texas Man Confronted for Racist Rant Over Arabs, Democrats

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    A video of an unidentified man in Dallas, Texas, being confronted by bystanders for losing his temper at a woman in a Macy’s store for speaking Arabic has gone viral.

    The video, which was shared Wednesday by Twitter user "Simar," is captioned, "This racist man told a woman that she should go back to where she came from & not speak Arabic at Macy's over the holidays. Two different allies stood up for the woman & confronted him. Twitter, do your thing & applaud these allies & help expose this man."

    ​The video starts off with an unidentified customer telling the man, "You're being mean to her."

    "Are you a bunch of Democrats? Yeah, a bunch of Democrats," he retorts. 

    "All you Arabs and Democrats, just go back where you came from," he adds, after being asked by multiple customers to leave the store.

    "Well, she's making a big stand, why don't I?" the man says about one of the bystanders.

    "I cannot see how so many Arabs came out of the woodwork," he continues. Meanwhile, in the midst of all the chaos, a Macy's attendant is seen giving him information on another cash register where he can check out.

    "Dude, you're the snowflake here," another bystander is heard saying, to which the man retorts, "F**k you. Put me on YouTube," before the video cuts off. 

    Twitter user "Samar" also shared screenshots by user "@rickyy_____" purporting to offer a narrative of the events "in the words of the person who filmed this."

    "Background on the video to clear confusion: the man had been hostile, but no one paid attention until he started insulting the woman because of her ethnicity/language," the screenshot begins.

    "I decided to record after he threatened to call the cops to have proof the employee did nothing wrong. I also believe a police report was filed for him continually harassing people, but the dude left so one one knew his info. I just want to help find the guy to help, but don't dox him. If you have any info, DM me pls."


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