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    Barrister Analyses ‘Home Alone 2’ on Twitter Through the Lens of English Law

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    The 1992 sequel about young Kevin might be a Christmas classic starring Macaulay Culkin and feature a cameo from future US president Donald Trump, yet an anonymous law analysis Twitter account has provided a new perspective on the film.

    The anonymous lawyer account ‘The Secret Barrister’ with more than 168 thousand readers claimed Kevin had actually committed many crimes in the movie, and if he were to have been tried in an English court of law for his misdeeds he could have actually faced up to four years behind bars.

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    He began with the fact that Kevin immediately broke the law within the film’s first few minutes, when he was shown recording Uncle Frank in the shower, which according to The Secret Barrister could be considered voyeurism.

    However, the first of Kevin’s official crimes takes place in New York when he secures a suite at The Plaza Hotel by committing fraud through false representation. However, The Secret Barrister claims that the hotel manager, portrayed by Tim Curry, and his fellow hotel staff have only themselves to blame.

    According to The Secret Barrister almost every character featured in the film breaks the law in some manner or another. For example, the notorious Sticky Bandits — Harry (Joe Pesci) and Merv (Daniel Stern) – who had planned a burglary, could have faced up to ten years in prison in the UK. But their crimes hardly stopped here, as they debated how they intended to kill Kevin – clearly with the intention to commit murder.

    The Barrister also said that Kevin’s traps could be given a “charge of criminal damage”

    He concluded that Kevin’s crimes, when summarised, could have led him to up to 4 years in prison, while Harry and Merv would be up for an additional 30 years to life behind bars.

    The users had mostly laughed at this unexpected angle on their favourite Christmas classic, yet there seems to be some that were a bit offended by it.

    The Secret Barrister remains an anonymous figure, despite publishing a bestselling book The Secret Lawyer: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken.


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