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    Buildings line the shore of Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, Friday, May 17, 2013.

    WATCH: Video Shows Trump-Loving Woman Using N-word in Racist Rant

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    Seriously, try not to cringe watching this video.

    An online video showing a woman ranting about how she hates black people just after she praises US President Donald Trump went viral recently.

    According to US film director Tariq Nasheed, who first uploaded the file, the video was recorded in the US Virgin Islands, an archipelago that "is full of black people."

    "Meet ‘Vicky' […] Vicky is a Trump-supporting white supremacist," Nasheed tweeted. "Vicky went on vacation in the US Virgin Islands — which is full of Black people — to express how much she [hates] ‘ni**rs with a passion'."

    The video shows a senior woman, dressed in bathing suit and jean shorts, shouting into the camera: "Don't like ni***rs. President Trump, whoo! Obama? F*** you, motherf***** ni***r."

    Whether the woman is drunk or otherwise chemically or mentally incapacitated is not addressed by Nasheed.

    ​A man approaches the woman, telling her to be quiet. The video then cuts to the same woman sitting aboard a leisure ship.

    "You're recording it? Put it all over Facebook," she says. "F*** these motherf*****g ni****s. I hate them. I hate ni****s. Hate them with a passion."

    According to Nasheed, the video was received from an anonymous person who filmed it "weeks ago." One Twitter user claimed to be an eyewitness of the incident, adding that the woman was escorted off the island by police.

    There is no definitive information about the ranting woman. Twitter users have initiated a campaign to dox her, but her real identity currently remains unknown. While some opined that the video could have been filmed on purpose, as an attempt to create a bad image of Trump supporters, others noted that Americans traveling abroad are capable of some very bad behavior.


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