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    Astronomers Explain Mysterious Light & Smoke Above San Francisco (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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    Residents of San Francisco have had the chance to witness a strange aerial phenomenon in the evening sky, which some netizens claim was glowing green and left a notable smoke trail behind it.

    The University of California's Lick Observatory has come up with an explanation for an unusual sight seen above the San Francisco Bay Area in the evening of 19 December. The mysterious blazing object, which left a crooked trail of smoke in the skies, turned out to be a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere. The observatory added that the crooked shape of the trail was formed by winds at the upper levels of the atmosphere.

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    The glowing object, while moving across the sky, spurred an array of guesses from netizens prior to the Observatory delivering an explanation. Some of them suggested that it could have been a falling plane.

    Others believed that it could have been a rocket launch that went wrong.

    Certain Twitterians were closer to truth in their guesses.

    Some netizens took a more humorous approach to the guessing game.

    One Facebook user suggested that the trail was left by Santa Claus' sleigh flying across the sky before Christmas.

    Another netizen jokingly offered to name the meteor "The Riddler" after a comic book character due to the shape of the trail resembling his famous symbol.


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