19:29 GMT29 November 2020
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    An UFO hunter has spotted a black shadow-like oval flashing in the sky over the state of New York and shared his observations with fellow alien theorists, suggesting they guess what it was. While some suspected an extraterrestrial intervention, others were more down-to-earth.

    A contributor to the UFO conspiracy website MUFON has shared footage he filmed in Utica, New York, on 6 December. In the video, called “The MEN IN BLACK, I'm Calling You Out!”, a dark saucer-like object is seen dashing over the clouds from right to left. It moved so fast one could barely spot the thing, but a slow-motion clip has given us a better look.

    UFO theorist Scott C. Waring claimed the footage proves aliens exist. He branded the clip a “very cool catch” on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

    “Also the fact that this object passes behind the cloud rules out insects, birds, drones”, he posted online.

    YouTube users were more skeptical about a possible extraterrestrial origin of the mysterious shadow, sharing their doubts in the comments.

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    “Seems edited, at second entrance into clouds”, one user claimed, while others branded the catch a “frisbee” or “fake CGI”.

    Others were more inclided to making jokes.

    “The Russians are attacking!” one user posted.

    “Here it is, Putin’s rocket, with a nuclear-powered engine)))))” another comment reads.


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