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    WATCH: Adorable Retriever Puppy Melts Ice and Hearts While Playing Hockey

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    It seems that the St. Louis Blues made their best decision ever when they decided to accept little Barclay onto their hockey team. The puppy has become a crowd pleaser since his first days with the club.

    Barclay, a 5 month-old Labrador Retriever, first appeared with the Blues team in October. The little pup instantly won the hearts of team members and netizens. Two months after his adoption by the club, the Blues' puppy began to take part in the team's training sessions at the St. Louis Community Ice Center: he has been seen skating with professional hockey players, carrying the puck and fetching a hockey stick.

    Photos and videos with Barclay taking the ice for practice appeared on the team's official Twitter account and caused a wave of feedback.

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    But Barclay's main goal as a team member is not just being a cutie pie, he will also become an Assistance Dog in the near future.

    "For the next 18 months, the puppy will undergo basic obedience training, as well as social and environmental stimulations to help it develop into a secure, self-confident, working dog for a future Duo client. As "puppy raisers," the Blues will host the pup in the front office and at home games to assist it in developing its necessary socialization needs," the St. Louis Blues stated on the NHL website.

    If Barclay has not yet won your heart, take a look at his adorable photos on his official Instagram page.

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