00:05 GMT08 May 2021
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    While a partial government shutdown is looming in the US, as the Democrats continue to oppose funding a border wall, the US President launched a new offensive on Twitter. He outed his opponents as supporters of strict migration control who changed sides just out of spite.

    The US President has posted a clip on Twitter calling on Democrats “not to do a shutdown”. However, instead of offering an olive branch, he resorted to a damning tirade recorded on what looked like the White House lawn.

    In the video, he branded the Democrats “absolute hypocrites”, who have been supporting walls, supporting fences, and supporting all sorts of border security” all along. It included clips showing prominent Democrats criticising illegal immigration. This included Hillary Clinton, who can be heard saying that she voted for spending money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.

    Trump stated they wouldn’t support the wall now only because of him, saying they have to put people ahead of politics.

    He concluded the accusatory speech saying “We need to have a wall” and promised to keep up with his pledge to get border security “whatever it takes”.

    ​The offensive prompted a mixed but active response on Twitter. Some netizens criticised the president, claiming he is already blaming the Democrats for the shutdown and mocked him.

    ​Others took aim at Hillary Clinton.

    ​The Trump administration has long been advocating for stronger border security. Trump's key campaign promise was the building of a wall on the country's southern border. Subsequently, the issue of funding for the proposed wall has become a stumbling block between Democrats and Republicans in debates over the spending package. Trump and Republicans are demanding $5 billion for the border, while Democrats say they cannot agree to give more than $1.3 billion.

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    After the Congress failed to approve the 2019 fiscal year budget, which started in October, Donald Trump threatened a partial government shutdown in case a deal isn't reached by December 21, but Democrats have passed a two-week stopgap spending bill in order to avert such a scenario. In a recent Twitter tirade against the Democrats' reluctance to fund the wall, Trump warned that even if Congress doesn't secure the funding, the US military would still finish the border wall.

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