16:53 GMT04 July 2020
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    The tech giant has been mercilessly trolled online after a simple promotion for a holiday money-saving app that inspired associations, which had nothing to do with either economy or Christmas but would have given Doctor Freud something to mull over.

    The “Today” section of the App Store has made a splash on Reddit for its new post advertising the best deals that could help users keep their spending in check during the holiday shopping rush. Trying to hint apparently that the app would guard consumers’ pockets, Apple designers combined the images of a Christmas tree, a trouser pocket and a winter sweater in a dubious way. It was only a matter of time before the pocket, that resembles a fly, and the phallic-shaped holiday symbol drew netizens’ attention.

    ​“Is that a Christmas tree…. or are you just happy to see me? It took me a few glances to figure out what was going on in this App Store image”, said a Reddit user who put his finger on the compromising resemblance and started the thread on penis- like Christmas tree on an unofficial Apple community.

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    Other commentators rushed to join the discussion, quipping about the promotional blunder.

    “Just the tip”, one of them posted, referring to the theme of the Apple publication.

    “Well — it is wood”, some typed, while another shared: “I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this”.

    Some couldn’t stop imagining the allusions, saying the tag line also sounded suggestive.

    “To top it off… I thought it said "Bang some cash" after reading the post”, one wrote.


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