12:34 GMT23 September 2020
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    Members of the Alternative for Germany party have offered a new twist to the tradition of the advent calendar. While German children usually open a little door each day ahead of Christmas to find sweets, the AfD has prepared a special treat for the social group that from their point of view is now in danger under a hashtag “Yes to White Men”.

    The Alternative for Germany party’s group in Berlin’s House of Representatives has stirred social media with their cyber version of a Christmas tradition, the advent calendar, under the slogan “Action White Christmas”. As group leader Georg Pazderski said in a statement, cited by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in the course of a "gender campaign that has long since gotten out of hand", “white men” has become a scornful term. Because of what he described as "rampant discrimination", there are "demands that result in a deliberate penalization of white men in the competition for jobs, career opportunities, public appearances or government benefits".

    To battle against the "public degradation of white men", for which the party has slammed the Greens and the left-wing Die Linke party, the AfD has launched an advent-inspired campaign with a hashtag that can be translated as "Yes to White Men". Copying the Christmas tradition, each day ahead of 24 December they post a video about a white man who has “decisively shaped our country, our civilization and the development of the world".

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    So far, the list includes author Bertolt Brecht, "one of the greatest chancellors", and "fighter against left-wing terror" Helmut Schmidt, Martin Luther, the late US President Ronald Reagan, dubbed "conqueror of communism", Pope John Paul II, picked for the video on St Nicholas Day by group leader Pazderski, for his fight against communism in Poland, as well as Steve Jobs, who, ironically, is said to have Syrian roots.

    ​The party also chose to celebrate Thilo Sarrazin, a still-living author known for his grim prophecies for Europe because of the mass migration of Muslims to the continent.  Which other prominent individuals will make it into the list of exemplary white men is yet to be revealed, but the campaign has already prompted a storm on Twitter. But the AfD has got a response that they probably weren’t wishing for, as their opponents have mocked the campaign online, posting their own picks under the hashtag "Yes to White Men".


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