19:34 GMT26 January 2021
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    The much-hyped photo of French President Emmanuel Macron posing with two bare-chested young men during his September trip to the island of Saint Martin is back in the spotlight.

    Social media users have revealed that the infamous picture of President Emmanuel Macron happily smiling next to a reported drug dealer and a middle finger-giving resident of Saint Martin is being censored on Facebook for violating the network’s rules against ‘nudity and sexual activity’.

    TWEET: ‘Imagine this: my post from 30 September with this photograph of #Macron was censored by #Facebook. My comment was: "Funny way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fifth Republic". Reason: nudity! These people are crazy’.

    ​TWEET: 'Facebook has a sense of humour'.

    TWEET: ’Funny censorship #Facebook I like this: "it goes against our standards on nude scenes or sexual activity"’

    The censorship did not affect only France, a number of users from abroad had faced the same ‘problem’:

    TWEET: ‘According to Facebook, this photo of Emmanuel Macron is, well… XXXX-rated!’

    The controversial picture was taken two months ago when Macron was on tour of Saint Martin to inspect reconstruction work after the Caribbean island was hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria last year.

    The pic drew much criticism due to the fact that the two locals were posing shirtless with the president, and one of them confessed to being a thief, who had just been released from prison; while the other was flipping the bird at the cameras.

    Just a few days later, the bandanna-wearing ex-robber was reportedly sentenced to eight months in prison for possession of drugs and resisting arrest.

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