04:58 GMT25 September 2020
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    Special Counsel Robert Mueller started his investigation almost 1.5 years ago but has still failed to present evidence proving alleged collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Moscow. One of Mueller’s most promising witnesses, Paul Manafort, has recently been accused of lying to the FBI, despite a plea deal.

    The US president unleashed fury at Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a series of Tweets in which he blasted his 'one side' view of the 2016 presidential elections and accused him of working with a 'gang of Angry Dems'. In an apparent reference to recent accusations against Paul Manafort, he slammed Mueller for allegedly ruining the lives of people who 'refuse to lie [for him]'.

    Trump also stated that Mueller, whom he called a 'conflicted prosecutor gone rogue', is doing grave damage to the US Criminal Justice system and said that the investigation had already cost the US budget some $30 million, but had yielded no results.

    The president's Twitter rant didn't pass unnoticed by the social media users, who were quick to respond. Many of them disagreed with Trump, arguing that holding criminals accountable doesn't mean ruining their lives.

    Some Twitterians alleged Trump was responsible for more ruined lives than the special counsel…

    …and that Trump was a greater threat to the US justice system.

    Many social media users threatened Trump that he would be next on Mueller's indictment list and that he would 'inevitably' end up in prison.

    Some even suggested that Trump should stay silent, as his Tweets could be used as evidence in a future case against him.

    Still, many people disagreed with claims that Mueller would be able to prove Trump's alleged misdeeds, noting that the 1.5 year long investigation had failed to find any proof of his alleged ties to Moscow.

    Others called on the US president to shift his attention from Mueller to doing his job.

    Several netizens urged Trump to calm down, saying that if he has done nothing wrong, then he has nothing to fear. They argued that Mueller is merely doing the job he was assigned to do.

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation into allegations that US President Trump's team had colluded with Russia in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections in May 2017, but has so far found no proof of the alleged crime. Instead, he has found several members of Trump's team guilty of several other crimes, unrelated to the alleged collusion.

    In a recent dramatic turn, Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was accused of lying to the FBI and Mueller when testifying. This happened after he reached a plea deal with the special counsel, in exchange for dropping some of the charges against him in September 2018.

    Donald Trump has attacked Mueller's investigation on multiple occasions, claiming that it had turned into a 'phony witch hunt' and that all it does is ruin the lives of people that Trump brought to Washington to help him better govern the US.


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