21:00 GMT18 June 2021
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    A huge Kim Kardashian fan who ended up at death’s door after a nearly failed bum-lifting surgery has undergone a second one to approximate the perfect looks of his idol.

    Jordan Parke, from English West Midlands, spent two months dealing with the consequences of his first implant surgery, conducted in Turkey – severe necrosis, with the flesh-eating bugs leaving him “in unbearable pain” and with a huge hole in his right bum cheek, The Daily Mail reported

    The mishap, however, did not put him off further experimenting with his body: after finally healing his sores, Jordan flew again to Turkey, to a notorious clinic in Izmir, the one where British mother, Leah Cambridge, died in August after succumbing to three heart attacks in wake of a botched Brazilian butt lift.

    This time, 27 year-old Jordan forked out another £5,000 to enlarge his bum using his own body fat, and appeared quite happy with the result. He noted that the Turkish clinic ‘does have a good reputation’ despite ‘awful’ happenings there, while no UK surgeon would have the courage to make his posterior as large as he would like it to be.

    He went still further, saying he is determined to stop at nothing to achieve a perfect derriere, similar to US reality star Kim Kardashian’s, and even surpass hers. ‘My aim is to one day have a bum that Kim K is jealous of’, he detailed.

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    'Now I'm back from having my second surgery I couldn't be happier so far. I had more fat transferred into it to give it a better more perky shape’, he said, urging thinking about the risks first thing. ‘I did and my life was worth risking both times’, quipped Jordan, who had his first surgery when he was just 17, and says nearly every muscle of his face has been twisted.

    Jordan identifies himself as a gay man, but shops for clothes in both male and female departments. He has so far undergone 80 cosmetic procedures, including chin implants, Botox injections, and nose jobs,  which have cost him overall as much as £130,000.


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